Twin Peaks and Deadly Premonition

Early on in Deadly Premonition, it’s hard not to think that it is blatantly ripping off the TV series Twin Peaks.  In both, an eccentric FBI agent visits small backwoods town to investigate the murder of a young blond girl.  I never really held this against the game though for some reason.  Maybe I just like the idea of “Twin Peaks, the video game.”  Maybe because the game does differentiate itself later on.  Or maybe it’s because agent Francis York Morgan and his story is just a few degrees wackier.  Agent Dale Cooper was quirky, but York Morgan appears to be legitimately crazy.

The whole game is off its rocker in a way Twin Peaks wasn’t.  And it still managed to achieve closure, which Twin Peaks wasn’t able to pull off.  Both have something to offer, I wouldn’t pass either one up.


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