Another pass through Nier

Motley doesn't even begin to describe these people.

Motley doesn't even begin to describe these people.

I’ve made it through Nier one more time before sending it back to Gamefly.  I feel conflicted about the experience.  Since the game lets you play through the second time past the middle of the game, I haven’t had to deal with tedious fetch quests in quite a while.  I have almost successfully suppressed those memories from my mind.  In the time since, Nier has become one of favorite games of the generation.  That’s partly because I’m always a fan of Cavia’s original games, flawed as they are.  It’s also because I’ve put up with long periods of busy work for years thanks to plenty of jRPGs and, more recently, Final Fantasy XIII.  Compared to XIII, Nier is a masterpiece.  So I’m not sure if I speak from a biased perspective here, but once things get going in the game there are some very affective sequences both in terms of game play and the story being told.  That may be another reason I’m getting attached to this game: there’s a pretty good sci-fi story under the trappings of a medieval fantasy RPG.  I just wish that it wasn’t so punishing at first.


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