Dante’s Inferno Complete

Kick his ass Dante.

Kick his ass Dante.

I finished the game despite my previous entry on it. I have similar feelings about it as with Final Fantasy XIII. Lots of wasted potential for a game that ends up consumed with itself. When I think of something cool about the game, I think of what could have been and not what is. I’m not the biggest fan of God of War style games, so I may not have the best eye for this stuff. That being said, it also seems like a rip off of God of War in almost every way. When it comes to basic combat, that’s mostly a good thing.

When it comes to presentation it either comes off as inappropriate or lazy. Just substitute hell for olympus and you’ve got Dante’s Inferno. But where Greek Mythology seems like fertile territory for epic battles between Gods and the like, Inferno is a place for dread and fear, neither of which I felt were part of the game. The God of War approach does incidentally provide some striking scenes, but when you boil it down, Dante’s Inferno is 95% about God of War and 5% The Divine Comedy. And that 95% portion isn’t done very well either.


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