I used to want to work in the games industry

In goes souls, out comes Guitar Hero.

But as with sausage, you don’t really want to know how they are made.  I’m happy with standing at the periphery now.

Gamasutra: Analysis: Is The Game Industry A Happy Place?

In all honesty, I don’t know how the industry keeps going.  I’m rarely able to justify spending $50+ on a brand new game, and ended up waiting until two years ago to even jump on board the current generation.  I’m inclined to think the industry has dug a hole for itself.  Game development is so expensive, and success is so dependent on desires of gamers (who don’t necessarily know what they want either.)  If industry can’t climb out of that hole, well I certainly feel bad for people who have jobs in in it, but I think gaming would survive in some shape or form.  And furthermore, if the young enthusiasm for game design weren’t being sacrificed before alter of the mainstream video game product cycle, then you’d have a lot more talent available to work on independent games or at least games that follow an alternative product cycle.  One that hopefully doesn’t have to be fueled by human souls.  I’d like to think that would mean more and better games.


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