Lost Odyssey

After living for 1000 years, you'd probably be bored too.

It’s time for me to jump back into the world of JRPGs again.  After spending a lot of time with Bioshock, hopefully I’m ready to spend even more time on Lost Odyssey.  I’ve already seen a great deal of the game when I first rented it from Gamefly.  My play through was hijacked though and I returned it after the offending party finished it.  I still got all of the achievement points since it was my save, but now that I picked it up used I’m giving it another spin.

I always wonder if I’ve got it in me to play anymore 60+ hour JRPGs.  But the person who Lost Odyssey from me has even less time than I do, so I suppose you make time if a game is good enough.  That was certainly the case when I replayed Final Fantasy Tactics a year ago.  In any case, I’ve made my way through the first disc and am on track to beat it this time.  It’s far from perfect, but there’s definitely more good to it than bad.

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