Red Dead Redemption

It feels good to be wanted.

John Marston’s got one goal: kill dudes until he’s killed a couple particular dudes.  I’ve been steadily assisting him in this mission for quite a while now, and I think I’m reaching the end.  I’ve helped him kill a lot of people, and still managed to make him the saintliest person in all of the west.


  • It looks great.  Not simply in a technical sense, but the aesthetics of the environment are captured incredibly well.
  • Similarly, the world is huge.  The game can be just as much fun when wandering around aimlessly as it is when you actually try to progress through the campaign.
  • The world is thoroughly convincing in general: from the towns, to the wildlife, to the people.  All of which, you will eventually shoot.


  • He can take a pound of lead and walk away.  But as soon as he steps into water that accumulated lead immediately drowns him.
  • I neglected to learn the dead eye system until I was pretty far into the game.  While being chased by coyotes, I had gotten off the horse to try and protect it from being munched on.  In “reality mode” as I call it, my horse managed to dart in front my line of fire as I tried to take down the ensuing coyotes.  It didn’t end well for either of us.
  • After so long, I feel like the game gets stuck on a loop of “kill some dudes, then hope the person you killed them for can tell you something useful.”

I have a lot of flash backs to Nier, of all games, as I play through it.  There are probably just as many errands you have to run in both games.  Everyone except for John/Nier is incompetent and/or lazy/crazy.  And both John and Nier are very, very ugly men that enjoy killing.  With Nier at least I had some entertaining company while I ran around doing inconsequential busy work.  With Red Dead the game play is actually cohesive though.  But I’m constantly being badgered by someone else about how I’m not doing good enough.

On the whole, I’ve been enjoying Red Dead, but it’s starting to wear thin.  I’ll be looking forward to having a reason to shoot someone for a other than just because some random person asked me to.

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