One Ticket to Bro Town, Please

I’ve never played Halo before with the sole exception of a couple rounds of Halo 2 local multiplayer. With my interest in first person shooters renewed by Modern Warfare 2, I wanted to give Halo: Reach a spin. I knew my friends would be playing it, so I queued it up on Gamefly and magically got it the day after release.

I’m making my way through the single player campaign right now, and I’m really not sure if I’ll follow it through to completion.  Reach doesn’t really offer the Halo outsider anything to chew (not that it owes me anything.)  As a result though, it’s been kind of boring.  Where Modern Warfare 2 shot for sheer spectacle in the present day, Reach part of a larger space opera I just don’t anything about.  I imagine this is what it would be like to play a Star Wars game, but never having seen any of the movies before.  Magicians dressed as clowns and homeless people dance around with light sticks and throw things with their minds.    I just don’t get why I’m driving around in a jeep shooting at midget mutants and dinosaurs wearing armor. But the music tells me something important is happening.  It’s lost on me.

I’m using the opportunity mostly to get ready for online multiplayer, which I’m sure is Reach’s main attraction.  Regardless of the single player campaign, I’m looking forward to blasting dinosaurs with friends.

Hat tip to Raisins for bro town tweet.


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