Subjective Viewpoints

Maybe if I look at it long enough, Metal Gear Solid will start to make sense.

As part of writing about video games, I’ve put a heavy emphasis on rating games in a critical way.  And I think that’s the most meaningful way to break a game down at a high level.  But I’ll also spend a good amount of time writing about my own impressions of a game while I’m playing it.  They are often gut reactions that break down into four categories:

I dislike it: I haven’t been having a good time with the game, but I’m sticking with it in the hope that it gets better later on.

I’m unaffected by it: Something may just not be clicking with me and the game.  I don’t get it, or it is a thoroughly ‘meh’ experience.

I like it: On the whole, I am enjoying the game and what it offers.  I’d recommend it to others.

I love it: I don’t want the game to end and am thoroughly enjoying it.  I feel very enthusiastic about playing it.

In some ways, it roughly maps to my four star scale.  However, that scale requires me to justify the rating I assign to a game.  On this subjective scale, I can assign whatever classification I want to a game.

For instance: Nier.  I rated it at 2/4 stars, but on this scale I would be tempted to place it in the “love it” category.  I didn’t feel that way all the way through, but looking back I view it very fondly.  This scale lets me disproportionately focus on one aspect of a game over the other based on what personally resonated with me.

Another example would be Bioshock.  I had also rated it at 2/4 stars, but on this subjective scale I would have placed it in the dislike category.  I appreciated the game for what it was, but I didn’t enjoy playing it for a good portion of the game.  I was frustrated with the fetch quests, and probably wasn’t exploiting the game play as much as I could have.

Hopefully that makes sense.  Because I got opinions.

Note: Icons are by Icojoy

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