Zombie Estate

I got to try out Zombie Estate while visiting @Raisins.  It’s a $1 Xbox Live Indie game and it is worth all 100 pennies.  I’ve only actually sat down to play it twice with friends, but once we got started we would be sucked in for hours.  Like with Resident Evil 5, it’s a game best played with friends (up to four in this case, but two is fine.)  It is presented using an ingenious blend of three dimensional graphics with a two dimensional aesthetic.  Zombie Estate gets straight to the point: you want to blast zombies and have fun doing it.  You’re given a wide variety of named characters for each player to adopt, and a plethora of weapons that are gradually unlocked as you accumulate cash from the undead.  Each of the 25 levels pits your crew against waves of zombies, which themselves come in many different flavors.

The addictive aspect of the game shines as you purchase new weapons to plow through zombies with.  The challenge scales very well, so that you’ll rarely be completely overwhelmed, but not bored enough to stop thinking about how you plan to devastate your enemies next.  The variety of weapons makes cooperative multi-player all the more rewarding as each player can adopt a particular role in the group and each player can live vicariously through the others as they unlock and use more weapons than you’d be able to on your own.   You can’t really go wrong with Zombie Estate unless you plan on playing it by yourself.  But at $1, you won’t be out much if you just can’t get into it.


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