Burger Town

Light spoilers ahead: be warned.

Speaks for itself

I broke out Modern Warfare 2 again this weekend to replay the invasion of America missions.

Online multi-player has always been the headline feature as far as Call of Duty is concerned, but for me the single player campaign was tremendous.  It’s never really been held up for the coherence of the story, but enough of the message gets across to be convincingly plausible for the audience.  When it comes to games and their stories though, they are a lot like dreams.  When you try to recount it to someone else, you realize it sounds ridiculous, but when you were experiencing it, the dream felt very real.  The content of the story may be implausible, but the feeling was real.  Perhaps I’m just gullible, but walking through a war-torn suburban neighborhood was striking.  Fighting a war where no one was truly at fault was unsettling, especially when you know that you have to run into rooms and blow people into smithereens regardless.   And traversing the Washington D.C. battle field as vehicles fall out of the sky was as haunting of a sight as they come.  It’s the sort of thing that Michael Bay salivates at, but since you as the player have to stay engaged to complete the level you’re not going to become numb to that sort of spectacle as easily as you would while watching Independence Day.  It’s wild enough to leave you feeling like it’s some sort of bizarre dream, yet not so over-the-top as to just feel entirely silly.


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