An Undead Nightmare

Have you ever had that dream where you go to work and when you get there you realize you're only wearing your underwear? John Marston has.

I’ve been looking forward to the Undead Nightmare downloadable addon for Red Dead Redemption since it’s announcement.  RDR proper was a very good game, and while the story had some dull stretches and repeated itself a little too much, the characters and the world were well realized.  I suppose what I’m trying to say is that RDR carried itself pretty seriously, and did pretty well in that effort.  The Undead Nightmare addon throws that out the window though in favor of a campy atmosphere.

In my conversations with the relentlessly plugged in @Raisins, he lamented the fact that the game market had been thoroughly saturated by zombie games.  The best case I can make in the face of that is that if you enjoyed the original game and its characters, then you’ll enjoy seeing them placed in this absurd scenario.  The zombies are going to be what you would expect them to be.  Although the zombie animals can be quite surprising.  They could be pretty intimidating in RDR, but their zombie counterparts are pretty spooky. There is also the novelty of camp horror in a western setting (I’m not really aware of any other games that have done this, but I’d definitely be interested to hear if there are.)  The game play itself can be quite a bit more intense than the standard gun play of RDR if you’re squaring off with zombies on the ground.  Once you make it onto a roof though you’ll be more or less safe (assuming you’ve got enough ammunition to hold out up there.)

The driving force behind the addon is seeing how the characters (both main characters, as well as peripheral ones) behave when placed in these absurd circumstances.  The whole experience has the trappings of the “halloween special” for a TV show.  It will be fun for those who are already invested in it, but probably forgettable to others.  I’m enjoying Undead Nightmare across the board, in part because I love Halloween.  It captures the spirit of the holiday quite well.  It’s also just a fun way to get a little more out of RDR single player after pretty thoroughly exploring the main campaign.

The dreaded zombear.

And who could forget this guy.

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