Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles

Would you mind giving me a hand.  I seem to have gotten stuck in this sewer.

Would you mind giving me a hand. I seem to have gotten stuck in this sewer.

Between Plants Versus Zombies, Undead Nightmare, and The Darkside Chronicles, it has been zombie central here.  Arcade light-gun games were always a favorite game genre of mine.  They are never all that fantastic, but I have an irrational attachment to them from playing them in real arcades.  Resident Evil 2 is also one of my favorite Resident Evil and survival horror games as well.  So renting Darkside Chronicles seemed like a great way to put the Wii to use again.

There are other campaigns, in addition to the Resident Evil 2 story arc.  But the overarching plot of Resident Evil has become so nonsensical that I wasn’t really interested in finding out about Leon and Krauser’s South American getaways together.  Nor was I really interested in visiting Code Veronica since I never completed it.  I stuck closely to the RE2 plot.  It was a lot of fun seeing the scenes from the game in a higher resolution.  They were almost identical to their original counter-parts.  The last 20% of the game managed to become a real chore though and kind of spoiled the experience.  DC has a fondness for the shaky camera perspective — in the midst of game play.  This became extremely frustrating when the strategy for every boss battle is to shoot the small weak spot.  I just about quit when that became “shoot the weak spot, fire the rocket, then shoot another weak spot.”

It was still fun to revisit RE2 despite the those irritating flaws.


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