Vanquish Impressions

I would very much like to enjoy Vanquish.  I had been sold on the game play concept since its announcement.  I could care less about the premise, but a twitchy third-person action game is right up my alley.  Vanquish looked like it offered that kind of chaos and flashing lights that reminds me of going to the arcade (not having a seizure.)  But I’ll tell you what it is about Vanquish that reminds me of going to the arcade: cheap deaths.  All of the action happening on the screen completely masks any signalling to the player that an instant death attack is headed their way.  I dialed back the difficulty just to avoid this as I don’t feel like doing the other 10 things required to break down an enemy’s defenses, just to get blown to bits at the last stage, over and over again.  It’s like the game was designed to eat up your quarters, especially when it comes to the twitch-action component.  The game shifts genres rapidly between being a twitch-action game to a conventional shooter whenever you use up your power meter.  If you punch a dude in the face, you can’t fly away with your rocket boots for 30 seconds or so (it feels like a lifetime.)  In the mean time, you’re playing Gears of War, but surrounded by more bad guys than you can hope to defeat.  It’s disjointed and very frustrating.  The demo is out there on XBLA if you’re curious though.


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