Vanquish Impressions, Continued

Now that I’ve completed Vanquish, I feel like it became more entertaining in the latter half of the game (as demonstrated in the above video.)  There sadly aren’t as many funny moments as there were in Bayonetta, but it still retains an absurd, over the top, sense of storytelling (for better or worse.)  The game looks great, and later missions finally make you feel like you have to use your super suit’s powers.  And use them effectively.  It never reaches it’s full potential though, and some questionable design decisions put a damper on cool game mechanics.  I was able to complete it in just over four hours, which I felt was for the best.  More of the same run-and-gun action would have gotten boring, and trying to squeeze more out of the awkwardly executed mechanics would have been frustrating.  Plus, the story would have totally collapsed if it had continued any longer.  It’s a short game with little replay value beyond completing the campaign on harder difficulties.  Combine that with no online game play and its hard to justify spending $60 on this.  But I had a reasonably fun time renting it.


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