Donkey Kong

Kotaku recently asked gamers: Is Donkey Kong a good guy, or a bad guy? Come on Kotaku, I thought you guys liked video games.  (I guess they have more serious things to talk about now.)  How can you possibly hope to reduce this complex and nuanced character to a simple question of good and bad?  The world is full of black and white cardboard cutout video game characters: heroes and villains; good guys and bad guys; Cloud and Sephiroth. Then there is Donkey Kong: a one-time villain, now cast as an anti-hero.  He had given up a life of kidnapping women and terrorizing construction sites to settle down as a single parent.  He no longer menaces the innocent, though his inner-demons have not yet been conquered.  While his bananas may have been unjustly stolen, Kong revels in the opportunity to pound face when he goes to retrieve them.  He leaves these banana stock piles in plain sight for the sole purpose of attracting wrong doers who he will then brutalize to satisfy his need for violence.  It is the only way for him to avoid having to expose his son to the darkness of his soul.  Donkey Kong desperately wants to live a clean and honest life.  He hides behind a tie that conveys professionalism, but he can never change who he really is.

Update: Oops. Looks like Destructoid already beat me to the punch.

No tie can hide the magnitude of his rage.


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