Scott Pilgrim vs. The World

I regret not seeing this movie in theaters.  I’ve eschewed cable television for Netflix and most game rentals/purchases in favor of Gamefly.  Now paying the premium to go to see a movie once feels like money that’s better spent on buying a DVD that I can own.  Even still, I think I would have liked to help it towards box office success (I had heard it had done poorly, but never saw the numbers for myself.)  I never read the graphic novel, but I did see the above trailer before Inception (one of the handful of times I went to the movie theater this year) and thought it looked pretty cool.  All I really knew was that it was supposed to have a lot of video game references in it, and I was surprised to see how far it went.

Usually I (and most audiences) cringe at the integration of gaming concepts into movies.  But it looks like Scott Pilgrim didn’t do too badly at all.  The gaming community isn’t exactly large enough to make a movie into a blockbuster on its own, but I was glad that it was as committed to video game logic as it was.  Perhaps I set my expectations too low, but it definitely did some clever tricks with how that sort of logic weaves it’s way into the story.  Sure, it will leave non-gaming audiences scratching their heads, but just because it appears nonsensical doesn’t make it meaningless.  We haven’t exactly put the meaning to words just yet, but SPvtW (as ridiculous as it is) manages to blends it across enjoyable characters, a premise that’s accessible, and a story that still builds a meaningful character arc that engages the audience without just falling back on contrived in-jokes.   It’s not Citizen Kane, but I enjoyed it and am thankful that it wasn’t a cinematic crime against humanity.

I guess I should probably read the graphic novel now.

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