Final Fantasy IX

I can’t quite put my finger on it, but Final Fantasy IX managed to lodge itself into my heart.  I can’t say it has a fantastic story, or an exceptionally creative game play system.  Final Fantasy IX is typically characterized as a sort of swan song for the PS1 and the classic style of Final Fantasy.  After playing it for the first time, it was easy for me to see that as being fan service for people who played the pre-Playstation entries in the series.  Playing through it now, I’m enjoying it for the character of the game itself.  It’s visually, audibly, and interactively enjoyable.  As far as Final Fantasy’s take on the jRPG genre is concerned, Final Fantasy IX really is as good it gets.  Which isn’t to say it’s free from flaws — there’s a reason why this was a swan song, and the series has been left searching for its soul ever since.  (That’s my sentiment anyhow.)  Regardless, Final Fantasy IX is an incredibly endearing experience, and still worth picking up at PSN if you have a PSP or PS3.

In lieu of any constructive thoughts, here are other people’s constructive thoughts on the game.

Sakaguchi posts old Final Fantasy IX developer memos

Final Fantasy IX’s Mechanics of Identity

Narrative Viewpoints and Perspectives in Final Fantasy IX


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