I don’t think I’ve ever really stopped to appreciate controllers as much as I have while playing Super Meat Boy.  I started playing it with a keyboard but quickly figured out that was a mistake.  I’ve taken it for granted over the years, but Super Meat Boy could have never happened if it weren’t for binary inputs that can effect the game almost as quickly as I can think.  It’s fun to think about how immersive motion controls and touch screens can be, but in many cases it means the time it takes to perform an action is a little longer (and more ambiguous.)  And a difference in milliseconds is the difference between success and failure in SMB.  It has been a brutal experience, but the level design makes the absolute most of the controls and it’s an awesome feeling when you finally complete each level.  It sure beats having to shake the Wiimote and plod around Donkey Kong Country Returns anyway.


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