Over-thinking Final Fantasy

I probably spend more time than I should thinking about it.  Apparently Square Enix does as well, but in a different, and far more expensive way.

Right now, we’re thinking about it in a way-too complex way. It used to be that our creativity could run free because we didn’t worry about the end result. We could just be original and creative, and whatever came of it was original and creative,

Takashi Tokita was interviewed as part of a new feature at Gamasutra regarding his experience working on the many incarnations of Final Fantasy IV.  There are many interesting observations about Final Fantasy as a series and console video games at large

Right now, we’re so influenced by everyone’s opinions, and the internet, and everything you hear, and what everyone else is making. I actually think it would be better if we would shut all of that out and just made what we want to make.

I’d wager that Final Fantasy is a victim of its own success more than anything else.  I’ve got to admit though, there’s a good part of me that wants to go back to pre-internet gaming.  Ignorance was bliss.  It was just you and the game — instead of it being you, the game, and metacritic.  Discovering games, and the mysteries they held was exciting.  Your suspension of disbelief included letting you think that you were the first to find something, achieve a high score that no one else could touch, or just play further into a game than others would dare.

… back at that time, there was no internet. In Japan, there was definitely no 24-hour TV, either. So, when you had nothing to do at night, it was either comics, or rental videos, or games. There’s definitely that emotional nostalgia going where young, single guys, playing games is what they did at night.

Like arcades, I probably remember pre-internet gaming being better than it really was.  Never the less, there are games from that era that can still win over gamers that totally missed out on them.

Check out the whole interview at Gamasutra.com

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