Weekly Links for November 28th

A very Belmont Thanksgiving


A game that leads the player can be just as meaningful, significant, intelligent, stimulating or exhilarating as a game that lets the player do whatever they wish (within the games confines). The player is not the centre of the equation, and neither is the game. It’s the interrelationship between the player and the game that matters most.
  • Dark Souls: A Time To Grind
    I’m still not entirely sold on the reasons why people like this game, but I definitely see how it fills a void in the gaming landscape and why people would be hungry for something like that.

What I’ve Been Playing

  • Final Fantasy VIII
    I’ve got my spaceship now.  Time to go beat up some cacti.
  • Modern Warfare 3
    I’m slowly investing myself in the multiplayer and survival modes now.
  • Dark Souls
    When George Orwell wrote “imagine a boot stamping on a human face — forever” he was talking about Dark Souls.
  • Minecraft
    Well. I have technically beaten the game, though I was kind of cheating.

Bonus Video


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