In Passing: Ultimecia’s Castle

Yep. A castle with wings.

I’ve managed to thoroughly exploit Final Fantasy VIII’s junction system this time around and found myself tearing through levels 40-100 without realizing it.  Any challenge in the game evaporated when I first had the opportunity to generate ridiculous amounts of magic that I could junction to my character’s stats with the game’s crafting system.  After acquiring the game’s airship/spaceship my investment in the game also evaporated.  Now that I’ve reached FFVIII’s final dungeon, Ultimecia’s Castle, things have gotten a little more interesting again.  At the beginning of the dungeon the player is restricted from using all battle commands except attack, from using items in the field, or even saving.  To top it all off you must also divide your resources between two parties.  Only after defeating boss monsters is the player able to regain their abilities one at a time. Even at level 100 this scenario can prove to be difficult.  It’s similar playing through one of the Mega Man games: determining which bosses are vulnerable to your current abilities and which bosses hold the abilities you need in order to progress.  It’s something that I wish had been done more throughout the rest of the game, instead of simply expecting the player to constantly maximize character stats.


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