Weekly Links for January 21st



Resident Evil 6 unveiled, with a surprise November release
What’s funny is as time’s gone on I’ve become more and more of a Resident Evil fan. I skipped the first, cheated through the second and finally

“Deus Ex” Live Action Film Behind the Scenes – Stunt/ Fight Choreography
I wish very badly for this to be a real thing. But I guess it’s not. (via: Kotaku)

Vita Sales Get Even Worse
I was surprised, but then I remembered that this is Sony that we’re talking about.

AMY dev claims its game is just ‘hard’ instead of ‘crap’
You know you’re desperate when you’re reduced to responding to your critics by saying “well, you’re just stupid.”

ESA spent $190,000 to support PIPA lobbyists
Nothing like spending a ton of money to try and get Washington to hurt people you don’t like.

What I’ve Been Playing

Dark Souls
On to Sen’s Fortress.

Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together
The more I explore the plot branches in this game the higher my opinion of it becomes.

Bonus Video

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