Still Clinging Together

Where are your parents?  Are you lost?

After about 95 hours, I’m still dumping time and effort into Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together on the PSP.  I had figured that after my first play through I would be satisfied with the game’s story and more or less fed up with trying to build my characters.  With the World Tarot being featured as prominently as it is, I should have expected that this game wasn’t meant to be played just once (although it’s still quite enjoyable that way.)  Since it has an excellent soundtrack and a steady stream of unlockable characters, abilities, and events it was easy to jump back into the game and continue to explore it.  The branching storyline in combination with the World Tarot dismantles the conventional structure of the beginning, middle, and ending of a game and subtly reveals a meta-story of sorts which stands apart from any individual story branch.  I’ve enjoyed going back and indulging the game’s “what if” scenarios that tweak the personalities in the game such that you can observe what changes about a character based on circumstance and what is consistently true about a character no matter what scenario they find themselves in.  The characters of Tactics Ogre are not especially deep but have a texture to them that’s not always present in other games.  It is rewarding to play even 100 hours in and I’ve come to appreciate it more since I completed my first play through and review.


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