Do you find yourself thinking back to the 90’s and remembering how you played Legend of Zelda/Final Fantasy/Diablo for X hundreds of hours.  Then you think about how tedious it would be to do that over again, which makes you sad.  Evoland is here to bring that feel back for you with only a small fraction of the tedium to overcome.  The game tasks itself with providing the player with a survey of many of the game mechanics and presentation conventions of role playing games.

Make no mistake, this is definitely a game for those who have a sense of nostalgia for years of gaming past.  Many of the jokes are going to directly tied to games of the era, and most power-ups have little consequence on the gameplay itself.  It’s a well crafted guided tour and you can know from the outset whether or not it’s for you.  Shiro Games nails the concept and knows their audience and knows the games they are emulating.  All in all, Evoland will provide you with several hours of entertainment, and then the option to go back and leave no stone un-turned.

There were a couple points where the shortcomings of legacy game mechanics caused me to quit in frustration (perhaps I’ve had it too good recently?) but I suppose that’s part of the package, and shouldn’t deter you from playing.  You can’t really go wrong with it if you’re already a fan of any of the games I outlined back at the start of the post.  Evoland will scratch that gaming itch for you without having to feel like you’re taking on a second job.

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