Re: Killing Monsters


I’d just like to take a moment to note, I read the comments that I get on this blog, and the trackbacks that I receive elsewhere.  I refrained from jumping into any discussion on one of my earlier posts, Killing Monsters, because I don’t want to interfere with any criticism of what I’ve written (forgive me if I’m biased regarding my own opinions.)  I understand that I very well could be wrong, but I do take it into consideration.  That being said, I’d like reply to a couple of recurring themes I saw in criticism of this specific

  1. The author has no idea what he’s talking about.  Right, I’m not sure how I could really be anymore clear that I was coming at the game as an outsider and then walking through conclusions I could draw not knowing anything else about the series.  Spoiler alert – this is kind of the point, and perhaps I should have aimed my own criticism more towards the marketing of the game rather than the game itself.  What I had hoped to communicate was that this trailer is an example of what turns people away from games.  It’s not their fault for not knowing the context of the game outside of the trailer.
  2. This is a bunch of PC bullshit.  I honestly felt that I wrote about the topic in a fairly neutral way, but it clearly hit a nerve with those who feel that there’s a conspiracy to undermine what they enjoy because it doesn’t fit a politically correct template.  If my post didn’t make it clear, I was not the one immediately affected by this trailer, it was someone that I cared about who was affected by it.  And that person was affected with good reason.  I wrote the post in an attempt to look at it from another perspective and elaborate on why people get turned off from games.  I can’t hide my frustration when it’s being insinuated that it’s that person’s fault for not correctly understanding the game.  I only wish that people who were upset with what I wrote would put as much energy into understanding why the trailer might be upsetting as they do in trying to tell me how to properly interpret it.
  3. You’re making something out of nothing.  Really, there is something to this.  It may not be an active controversy, but I chose it as an example to write on without it being surrounded with all the rancor of a full-fledged controversy.  I’m not trying to get attention by crying “sexism”, I just want to be able to enjoy games with people I care about, not with people who feel entitled to having everyone agree with their opinions about a video game.  I’m not judging anyone for liking it. I don’t want to judge CD Projekt RED for making it.  But if your problem of the day is someone writing a lousy post on a video game blog then you’ve got the time to step into someone else’s shoes and ask “why does this upset people?” instead of immediately playing defense for it.
  4.  If you can, spend some time living in Russia, Poland, Romania, and Hungary. It will change you.  Wait. What?

I leave you with Social Justice Wario.


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