First Impressions of Guilty Gear Xrd: Sign

Guilty Gear Xrd: Sign

The fighting game genre is not one I typically find myself getting invested in, but I make an exception for the Guilty Gear series.  Over the years, I’ve tried to learn the game’s systems and characters.  The mechanics are deep, and the game is fast.  I’ve found it interesting for the intersection between speed and choice that it offers.  Having to invest a great deal of time and effort into knowing and memorizing move-sets and how they stack up against other characters is an aspect of fighting games that I’ve always found discouraging.  I know for others, it’s what makes a game like Street Fighter a classic.  But what I admire in the Guilty Gear series is that it’s fundamentals allow for interesting gameplay without having to invest a lot of effort in learning first.  It’s speed allows players to rely on being able to out-maneuver more-skilled opponents or force them to make moves without committing to being vulnerable.  It’s a less punishing experience for new-comers that still provides deep systems that reward you for whatever you invest in it.

Xrd: Sign convinced me to commit to the current generation of consoles.  I had always enjoyed it’s 2D presentation and style.  It was exciting to see that after years of iterating on Guilty Gear XX, there would be a true sequel to the fighting game series.  I was elated to see that Arc System Works managed to bring the series to three dimensions while maintaining its original look and feel.  While the gameplay remains on a two-dimensional plane,  it adds three dimensional flourishes to different points in battles.  It reinvigorates the gameplay and provides a great looking foundation on which to continue building the series.  I’ve also had the opportunity to try out the online multiplayer component, which worked seamlessly for playing with other folks on the west coast.  I’ve not yet delved deeply into the game’s other features, but am finding it to be a terrific entry in the series, which may yet convince me to become a bigger fan of other fighting games.


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