Moving Along


It continues to be rather quiet here.  I’ve been doing this blogging bit both at Ruminatron 5000 and IPVG for almost 7 years.  And during that time, I’ve always been approaching it like I would have in 2004, when “blogging” still felt like a new and novel term, and some folks were even calling them web logs.  Unless you’re a team of writers, and/or are pumping out many posts per day, blogging (in a singular sense) isn’t a great way for your words to be brought to others attention.  Blogging can be one part of success in sharing your opinions, and I’ve focused squarely on it.  I intend to keep this blog here for posterity.  And, who knows, maybe I’ll continue to pile up posts here sporadically.  For now though, I’m re-evaluating how I’m approaching all this.

You can find me on Twitter, and also Tumblr, as well as more Tumblr.


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