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Impressions: Jetpack Joyride

Jetpack Joyride is a game that speaks to those living under the current economy.  In a world where have so many impressive innovations it’s hard to believe that life isn’t more exciting and more often than not we find ourselves cutting back and working harder rather than enjoying the fruits of our labor.  Barry, Jetpack Joyride’s protagonist, says “screw that, I’m gonna ride around in this sweet jetpack!”  Halfbrick has given us a hero for this day and age.  A man who’s not satisfied with merely getting by, but someone who sees an opportunity to thrive and takes it.  He’s thrown everything on the line for this, having broken into a laboratory.  But he has no reservations, no second thoughts — he will ride that jetpack into the sunset.  While Halfbrick can’t give you a jetpack, it can let you live Barry’s dream by giving you Jetpack Joyride for $0.00.

The thing that I really admire about Jetpack Joyride is how well it executes one button game play.  While the immediate action that’s right in front of you is simple, there are enough ways the game can be expanded through missions, power ups, and equipment that there is a fair amount of depth to how you play the game, or at least enough substance to maintain your interest.  In my brief time playing other mobile touch games, awkward controls are constantly holding back games (which I’m sure surprises no one.)  That’s why JJ has been such a pleasant surprise.  Getting further into levels is a slow process, but constantly having missions that push me to master the level’s obstacle course makes that a non-issue.  I’m sure the novelty will eventually wear out, but it’s never the less a game that you just can’t say no to.  Ride on little Barry, ride on.


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