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Weekly Links for May 21st


  • Hideo Kojima Tells Square-Enix to Remake FF7
    After the Compilation of Final Fantasy VII, I’m afraid to see what a re-made FFVII would look like.
  • Lionhead: Pre-owned worse than PC piracy
    It’s just a depressing situation we’re in that people don’t think it’s worth spending money on computer games
    Dear Mike West: Please take a step back and think about what you just said. You’ve spent too much time in the developer dungeon.  God forbid I try to pay less for video games so I can afford to pay for gasoline.  Unfortunately, video games won’t drive me to work.
    Do you know what used people who buy used games are?  They aren’t people trying to put you out of work.  They are people who are on the verge of being your customer if you would just figure out how to either add value to your game or lower its cost.   How unspeakably terrible it is that you have to deal with such people!
  • Final Fantasy Tactics Finally Hits iOS in June/July
    Hey Mike, you should figure out what Square-Enix is doing.  They’ve somehow convinced people not only to buy their games brand new, but to continue buying them new over, and over, and over again.
  • A Planet Without Square-Enix
    But then, they have their own problems.
  • Notch Working On Minecraft Sky Dimension
    Look at all those people who don’t think Minecraft is worth spending money on!
  • Dyack: Mobile apps are hurting game industry
    If fart apps are a problem for your industry, you’ve got bigger problems.

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