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New Reviews: Ziggurat, Trials Evolution


This week on R5000, we’ve got a couple new reviews.  First up: Trials Evolution, which brings more of the same from the Trials formula (which is a good thing.) I enjoyed my time with it and gave it a final score of 3/3.

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I also have finally joined the 21st century and picked up an iPod touch, giving me a chance to broaden my horizons a bit and spend some more time in the mobile gaming realm.  The first game on my list to play was Tim Roger’s Ziggurat.  As far as the core gameplay is concerned, you don’t get much better than this.  It’s a fun little game with lots of room for player mastery.  I taken issue with the control scheme though, giving it a final score of 2/3.

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Impressions: Trials Evolution

There’s only so much that one can say about the Trials series.  You jump dirt bikes in levels of increasing difficulty with semi-realistic physics.  It’s easy to stand back and say “that sounds stupid” if you’ve never tried it before.  But once you’ve gotten past the initial stages you will feel confident about your Trials skills, only to find that one obstacle that you’re sure you can conquer only to be thwarted.  You can’t let it beat you though, because you’re better than it.  Then you sit there and think about how you will balance the rider just right so that you gain traction at just the right moment.  At this point, you lean back and think to yourself “I’m sitting here contemplating the finer points of jumping dirt bikes for more than three seconds, and I’m actually enjoying it.”  After this there’s no turning back, no matter which entry in the trials series you’re digging in to.  (Go ahead and even try the old flash versions of the Trials games.)  Trials Evolution only feeds that need to jump dirt bikes in ever more impressive ways.  Not only are you going to get new and expanded tracks, you’re going to get all of the online competition features to go along with it, and a map editor to boot.  Mastering the game won’t be enough, dominating your friends will become the challenge that never ends.  It’s hard to go wrong with Trials Evolution whether you’re new to the games or a long time fan.

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